Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Review as 2nd Year 1st Sem IIUM's Student.


Alhamdulilah, i'm officially done my 2nd year 1st semester here in IIUM.
so i would like to review a little bit what i had done this semester :)

i'm a history student.

this semester i got an opportunity to visit Arkib Negara for two days
for my Research Methodology's class.

Nadiah Nordin with her work.


 with my classmates.

Another big event in IIUM.
Doughnut of Hope.
organized by SRC Carnival.

with amalina azman.

donut donut donut.

donut UIA daebakk!

then program with adik adik from sekolah parit melana,melaka.
organized by STUFF.
i was appointed as secretary *fainted*

riadhah time!

Them. The students,teachers,facilitators and committees.

D39 family's

baru 5 orang.

Sungai Pisang time!

semua muka bahagia je. hahaha

terima kasih ana untuk tudung labuh ni.
aku suka sangat sampai sekarang ak dok time kasih lagi.

with niena najwa and amal hayati.

dengan azue, we can go eat anywhere anytime. *muka happy*

azureen. masa ni dia mengidam ayam nandos macam nak gila --'

kegemaran both of us. kerang bakar and i just found out myself that i'm allergic to kerang.
tapi sedap nak jugak makan. huahua

last presentation of this semester.
presentation about Afghanistan for Reflection on Prophetic History's class.

so, i'm sorry for any wrongdoings that i made if any to you guys especially my friends here.
i'm sorry.
hope we'r gonna meet again next semester.
happy holidays peeps.

the end.

*waiting for my family to pick me up at my mahallah. i'm done with packing*

Nur Syahirah Shamshulsakri.

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