Tuesday, December 18, 2012



its already end of my second semester here in UIA. two more weeks, insyaAllah will be sitting for my final exam and also as the first year student. yeay! sem depan da second year. kejap je rasa. huhu
but the i realise this is life. manusia selalu dalam kerugian.masa2 lampau amenda ntah dia dok buat. tido banyak gamaknya -_____-
anyway, this is not the main story. i wrote something special to someone special. noted that someone special here is not to be mentioned. HAHA. tayahlah tau sapa, tp ambik point from what i wrote here. okay? :)


you're not sugar,so you're not sweet.
you're not a shield to protect me.
you're not a tissue to wipe my tears.
you're not even my comforter.

so, who are you exactly?

you're not a comedian who makes me laugh everyday.
you're not a drug to me so that i can feel up to the sky.
you're not a painkiller when someone hurts me. physically or emotionally.
you're not a house so that i can go there anytime when i need you

so, who are you?

you're not a pillow or teddy bear that i can hug tightly every night.
you're not a pile of paint to colour my life brightly.
you're not the sun that shines my life everyday.
you're not even with me when i need you.

but still you are something to me.
but who are you really are?

you. you are my future partner. future husband. future in everything.
i know now you are not like the others. that care,love,sweet day by day.
you are giving me something that i want,but you give me something that i need.

sometime, i've been jealous with my friends.
they have someone they love and depends on.
someone they can be with you.

but i believe in Him.
my spouse will be my everything later on when we unite.
everything that i need.
everything that can bring us together in Jannah.
that is the ultimate goal. not our goal. but should be by everyone as His slaves.

gambar sekadar hiasan.

 ( kat UM, dengan fatin fatimah)

dah. hehehe malu plak. :P
sesiapa baca ni,seriously xdak kaitan ngn sesapa.tulis benda ni pun masa mengantuk dalam kelas prophetic dr. Israr tadi. someone special not to be mentioned here memg la xleh nak mentioned sebab tatau sape g. :D

tengahari sudah.lapar sudah.marila pergi ke kafe secara berjemaah.
got to go.


from me to you : Nur Syahirah binti Shamshulsakri.