Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ramadhan kareem everyone!

assalamualaikum there to all the readers!
n also to my 50 followers..
thank you thank you for following me.. =)

back to the title of my new post entri..
ramadhan kareem eveyone!
it means : ramadhan yg mulia untuk semua orang =)

recently, i had been watched vlogger( video loggers)
they'r super awesome! malaysians tooo! hehehe
maybe some of you know..

yeah..mostly there are men..hehe..but its good rather than girls..=) to me laa..ok? =)

then, this 1 video really make me open my mind widely...
it is about ramadhan..
this video is the combination or duet (hahaha) =D by anwar hadi n aiman azlan..
u guys should watch it!

what i get from this video :

this video should be on tv..u know why..its kinda boring watch all the advertisement or iklan that only show the same thing! ngee..boring and it does't make any benefits to people especially muslims.
talk about....
baju raya...
kuih raya..
promote tu la ni la..
bla....bla..bla..bla (bubling around) =P

u guys should watch this video and you are lucky because it is in malay version! hehehe

and this link is english version : # the festival of worship
perhaps there are non-muslim that are attracted to islam by watching this video =)
hanya Allah yang mampu memberi hidayahNya kepada hamba2Nya..

this kind of video can really give a huge impact to dakwah islamiyyah without we aware about it.
believe me..=)

i hope this ramadhan will be my best ramadhan ever n to others also..
grab the chances dear!


ramadhan kareem everyone!!

mutiara =)

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